Garage Door Opener Stripped Gear-How do you remove a Roll Pin?

February 18, 2010 by: B.Harding

Q: How do you remove a Roll Pin?
A: With a Craftsman Roll Punch from Sears

After about 10 years my garage door quit working. After a couple of turns of the screw driver I see that the innerds are full of gear dust. My drive gear is stripped!

To fix or replace? That is the question. I quickly discover that a new gear is only $12 on ebay and that includes grease and free shipping. Done.

When it arrives I come to a step in the instructions that simply says “remove roll pin from under the drive gear”.

Hmm. That seems to be a problem. As it turns out you need a Roll Punch to remove a Roll Pin.  A tool which I do not own. Home Depot, no. Lowes, no.  Sears, scoreboard! $20 bucks.

My garage door opener is now in full repair.  I could probably return the set but I’ll probably need it in another 10 years.

Drive Gear Stripped


7 Responses to “Garage Door Opener Stripped Gear-How do you remove a Roll Pin?”
  1. Jeremy Nest says:

    I have a query about garage doorways and security. Sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask it but I’m unsure where else to go. Clearly the thicker the garage door the safer it will be, however how will you make it possible for no intruders get in by any means? Is it doable to be 100 percent safe?

  2. B.Harding says:

    Definately the wrong place to ask. I’m just a dude who fixed his own garage door.

    That said, It would be hard to break in by jacking up the garage door. Much easier and faster to just break a window. A crook wants to get in and out fast.

    Best of luck!

  3. Chris says:

    Opened mine last night and discovered the exact same thing. An easy fix? and were you able to do it while it was still in place?

  4. B.Harding says:

    You have to remove the shaft with the gear on it and pound it out. Not difficult but it’s got to come out first.

  5. Norman Koll says:

    Good post mate!! Keep ’em flowing!

  6. T. Smallwood says:

    Just did the roll pin thing on mine today. I first cut the old gear off with a mini hacksaw such that I had a nice clear view of the pin. My local Home Depot did have a punch set with the 5/32″ punch required, but I didn’t feel like paying the $25 for the set in order to use one piece for 40 seconds. I asked their Tool Rental guy how much it would cost to rent the one piece for a minute – he laughed and asked if I had brought the piece I needed to have the pin removed from which I had. A minute later it was out – no charge. Putting it back in later wasn’t too bad – didn’t require the punch – I just used a ratchet socket extender and a hammer.

  7. Kevin Misch says:

    Hey all,
    You do not need to go and buy a Roll Pin Punch…. I simply used a socket set I had that had Allen Key ends attached to a socket drive… or anything that is the same diameter as the Roll pin or a hair less will work. Just set the shaft on a solid surface, have someone hold the housing side and give the pin a few good whacks and it will pop out. It’s very easy unless you are very clumsy.

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